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Accessing EBSCO

The EBSCO Education Source package and the Leadership & Management Learning Centre provides free access to a collection of over 1,700 education journals, a selection of eBooks, conference papers, and other resources, all of which can be accessed using your GTCS account.

Some of the reading resources within the learning activities on the Framework can be accessed from EBSCO. To do this, you need to be logged into your MyGTCS account. If you have not created your MyGTCS account, you can sign up online.

Not sure how to access EBSCO? 

Follow the steps below to access the full range of journals and publications:

 1. Login to your MyGTCS account via the GTCS website.


 2. Once you have accessed your account, click the Research icon


3. Once in the Research area of MyGTCS, scroll down and click the Visit Education Source - EBSCO link.


IMPORTANT - This page allows you to preview certain journals and publications. For full access, continue with the steps below:


4. You should now click the small 'sign in' link at the top right of the EBSCO preview page.


5. You can now sign in through the EBSCO portal - if you have forgotten your username and password, you will find a link below that enables you to reset your account details.


6.The final EBSCO page will appear as below: