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Coaching and mentoring matters

Coaching and Mentoring Matters is an online resource which will enable educators to consider how coaching and mentoring can support learning conversations and deepen reflections on the impact of your practice.

Coaching and mentoring matters supports a more coherent system-wide strategy, building on existing strength in the system to ensure an equity of access across all regions.

Professional dialogue is at the heart of coaching and mentoring. By modelling that approach and engaging in coaching conversations, we will develop this resource through co-creation with partners within and beyond education in Scotland over 2020-2021.

This resource will help you explore the terms mentoring and coaching and will provide support as you develop your own practice (and support others) in developing robust professional dialogue to improve outcomes for children, young people and adult learners.

Help develop coaching and mentoring matters

We’d love to hear your ideas and contributions on how we can develop this online resource. Please fill in this brief survey to let us know what resources you’d find helpful and to share any case studies on coaching and/or mentoring. Your feedback is very much appreciated.