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The subject of this Wee Blether is 'The power of communities in educational renewal' and it is open to all sectors - from ELC to schools, colleges and CLD.

Once you have registered, we will issue the joining instructions prior to the event start time. Please make sure that you enter the correct email address upon registration.

Prior to the event, please read these two short thought pieces and think about the questions below:

Community, Covid-19, Challenge and Change

The power of communities

‘Never before has the power of people and communities been clearer. When we emerge into the ‘new normal’ and whatever that looks like, it is clear that community responses will play a vital role in rebuilding and responding to the new challenges ahead…We are seeing communities responding to the crisis in their own unique ways by using their insights of what is needed locally, and organising around the knowledge and skills they have to meet those needs and concerns’ (McLean)

1. To what extent has the Covid-19 crisis re-asserted the importance of ‘the power of communities’ in addressing education priorities?

‘Research suggests that those already experiencing poverty and disadvantage, are being hardest hit by the Covid-19 crisis...In communities across Scotland many organisations were already responding to community need, providing support to try and redress the balance that inequalities bring. (McLean)

2. How can educators collaborate with communities and with each other to address the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on poverty and inequality?


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