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This Headspace session is aimed at headteachers and senior staff in early learning and childcare settings, schools and local authorities.

The session will provide participants with the opportunity to participate in the discussion, ask questions and share thoughts on ‘Reporting to Parents’ during COVID-19.  It aims to stimulate thinking about why we report to parents and consider whether changes are needed for the future.

Once you have registered, we will issue the joining instructions prior to the event start time. Please make sure that you enter the correct email address upon registration.


Before the session, please read the following from Engaging parents and families - A toolkit for practitioners, Section 11 Reporting and communicating with parents and children.

And consider the following questions:

  1. Why do we report to parents?
  2. How did you report to parents during lockdown?
  3. What lessons did you learn, eg lightbulb moments, successes, challenges?
  4. Does reporting to parents need to change moving forward?
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