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'What Scotland Learned: Building Back Better' accompanies the publication, 'What Scotland Learned: 100 Stories of Lockdown', taking the inspiring stories from the book and synthesising them with education research. As part of this, we are delivering seminars on the six key themes from this publication. The first of these seminars is 'Relationships'. 

In this seminar Ng Pak Tee, professor at Singapore University and member of Scotland’s International Council of Education advisers joins Derek Brown, Executive Director of Education and Families at North Lanarkshire Council, to explore the first key theme of strong collaborative relationships which were crucial when dealing with the pandemic. They discuss lessons learned from the pandemic and how we can build back better.

This seminar is open to all in education.

Keep an eye on our events page for details of our upcoming seminars on the remaining 5 key themes from the 'What Scotland Learned: Building Back Better' publication. These include ‘Leadership,’ 'Learning and Teaching', 'Health and Wellbeing', 'Community' and 'Successes and Achievements'.

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