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Gavin Oattes

Gavin Oattes of Tree of Knowledge will deliver an inspiring workshop.

About this Event

If there was ever a time to lean into a situation and pull from it all the good we can, it’s now.

The last year was about as challenging as they come. This session will deliver a wake-up call for you to search your soul, shake things up and bask in the warmth of glorious individuality.

Gavin Oattes is widely regarded as a talented, inspiring speaker, regularly delivering keynotes at events around the world, is an award-winning comedian, best-selling children’s author and former Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and his inspiration all comes from where he began his career…primary school teaching.

Please note this session will be held on Zoom and is open to all school staff including teachers and all support staff; as well as those working in the early learning and childcare sector.

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