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Depute Head Teacher Leadership Course

This course is designed to support the empowerment agenda, enabling participants to use self-evaluation processes to identify areas for development and engage in tailored development opportunities to enhance leadership and management skills and knowledge. The format of the programme facilitates the creation of sustainable support networks.

What are the benefits?

The programme will enable participants to:

  • enhance their knowledge, skills and confidence to support them to effectively fulfil the remit of a Depute Head Teacher
  • use self-evaluation and data effectively to identify a strategic change initiative
  • be reflective and capable of leading effectively in line with school, authority and national priorities
  • recognise the importance of effective leadership in improving outcomes for children and young people
  • understand the impact of coaching conversations and distributed leadership
  • critically engage with research and apply new learning in practice.
Who is it for?

This programme is aimed at Principal Teachers who are looking to move to the next stage in their career, or newly appointed Depute Head Teachers who are looking to expand their knowledge and expertise. The programme is aimed at all sectors.


The programme consists of 10 twilight sessions over an academic session:

  1. GTCS Standards
  2. Exploring Values
  3. Leadership Theories
  4. Self-Evaluation and Use of Data
  5. Coaching Conversations
  6. Distributed Leadership and School Improvement
  7. Emotional Intelligence and Self-Care
  8. Equity and Tackling Poverty
  9. Difficult Conversations and Conflict Resolution
  10. Engaging with Parents
For more information

Contact Geraldine Shearer, Scottish Attainment Challenge Leadership Lead, North Lanarkshire Council

Email: shearerg@northlan.gov.uk

Telephone: 01236 812316