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Guided approach to pedagogical enquiry

Guided Approach to Pedagogical Enquiry empowers those who lead teams of teachers to facilitate and guide practitioner enquiry in order to improve the quality and consistency of teaching and learning in classrooms across departments and schools. Headteachers, deputes and PTs are provided with guidance and materials to facilitate collegiate enquiry, the planning and delivery of pedagogical interventions and evaluation of impact.

The programme is designed to empower schools and departments, enhance teacher agency and generate genuine school improvement by harnessing teachers’ knowledge, experience and expertise. Better teaching and learning comes from within schools and is owned by teachers and school leaders.

What are the benefits?

Participants will:

  • critically reflect on their own and their departments teaching methods
  • collegiately form a specific working policy for improving teaching and learning in their department or school
  • apply enhanced or new pedagogical interventions to improve teaching and learning
  • engage students in teachers professional learning
  • undertake effective self-evaluation and enquiry into improving teaching and learning.

The programme consists of a suite of materials and guidance for heads, deputes and principal teachers to facilitate guided enquiry into pedagogical practice with their teacher teams. There are six modules that each focus on a different aspect of pedagogy:

  1. Learning intentions and success criteria
  2. Differentiation and challenge
  3. Sharing the standard
  4. Effective Questioning and Answering
  5. Plenaries
  6. Student self and peer assessment

Support materials guide facilitators in leading self-evaluation to identify the module(s) that their teams will focus on.

Who is it for?

This programme is for heads, deputes and principal teachers who have the remit of pedagogy, curriculum or professional learning.

The programme is free for any head, depute, PT or other suitably qualified educational leader to facilitate. Facilitators will need to be confident in facilitating or leading collegiate sessions, lesson analysis and coaching.


The programme is designed to be tailored to individual settings and can be used as a six-week block, or a whole-year programme of professional learning.

For more information

Contact Jay Helbert (active learning and pedagogy lead at Argyll and Bute and headteacher at Inveraray Primary School) on james.helbert@argyll-bute.gov.uk or call 01499 302218.