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Head Teachers Leadership Academy

Head Teacher’s Leadership Academy from Columba 1400 is designed to support head teachers as they focus on the cultures they create through an understanding of core values. This approach assists school leaders in setting standards for teachers, students, communities and the interface between all three. The programme focuses head teachers to critically reflect on how they see themselves as social leaders. Attention is paid to the development of conditions in the workplace within which learning is most likely to occur. Head teachers will leave inspired about their role in creating the environment and conditions for quality relationships for young people. Participants leave further equipped to enable change through values based leadership and to improve their school so that it will ultimately lead to improvement in the lives of young people, their staff, their families, their learning networks and the whole community.

What are the benefits?

Central to every Columba 140 HTLA is the development of skills for learning, life and work and these are all explored within the topics of leadership and communication - organised under the 6 Columban core values.

In addition to these core components, participants bring their personal values into focus enabling them to recognise who they are, what they are about and where they are aiming to go in their lives. Participants are given the opportunity to experience new techniques and approaches when faced with conflict or challenge through alternative styles of communication.

The group experience enables all participants to explore their current reality and create their desired reality for themselves and others. The residential element provides an opportunity for participants to put what they have learned into practice, recognise what they have learned and appreciate what they have achieved through celebrating themselves and others. This is in preparation for returning to their school community where they will serve themselves, their children/young people, their staff and their community.

Who is it for?

The programme is aimed at existing head teachers, newly appointed head teachers and aspiring head teachers.


From Phase 1 to Phase 3 is normally about 10/12 weeks depending on school holidays.

From Phase 3 to Phase 4 is approximately 8/10 weeks

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