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Introducing School Leadership

The Introducing School Leadership Course content includes up to date educational theory and practice in relation to leadership and management and also develops the understanding and application of self-evaluation for school improvement through presentations, workshops and group activities all of which maximise the opportunities for professional dialogue and peer support.

This course has always received very positive feedback in terms of giving participants an insight into school leadership and management.  Participants on the Introducing School Leadership Course have consistently indicated that they would recommend the course to a colleague.

As part of the course, participants are required to complete a school based project related to their School Improvement Plan with the agreement and support of their line manager. Mock interviews are also included and welcomed as part of the course.

What are the benefits?

The overall aim of the programme is to support and motivate teachers to become involved in school leadership and management and to develop their leadership confidence and capacity.

Participants are given:

  • an opportunity to engage in professional dialogue with colleagues
  • an introduction to some of the key aspects and principles of school leadership and management
  • opportunities to think reflectively about their own practice and future role in school leadership and management
  • a basic grounding in some of the key theories and current thinking behind school leadership and management and an understanding of how this can inform and enhance practice
  • the experience of engaging in a school based project which will allow opportunities to develop some of the qualities and skills required in school leadership and management
  • practical experience of collaborative working methodologies applicable to an educational setting
  • an insight into the day-to-day work of school management teams
  • a better understanding of the routes and processes involved in moving into promoted posts
  • the confidence and enthusiasm to want to take on leadership roles and responsibilities
Who is it for?

Predominantly unpromoted qualified teachers across all sectors who wish to develop their knowledge, understanding, skills, abilities and overall capacity in relation to school leadership. The course is valuable to those with aspiration towards securing a promoted leadership and management post within schools but also of relevance to those wishing to enhance their understanding of the context within which they work.


This course will be delivered over eight sessions which will run between September and May. Four of the eight sessions will be twilight sessions of 2 hours in duration and four will be 3 hour sessions held on Saturday mornings.

For more information

For more information please contact Maureen Smith, Education Officer, Dumfries and Galloway at maureen.smith2@dumgal.gov.uk.