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Mental health champions – school leader (Developing the school mental health strategy)

Participants will build their capability to understand and respond to the mental health needs within their school and community, undertake an audit of their existing mental health policy and practice, devise a school strategy to address areas for improvement and become the lead person for Mental Health in school and on making effective referrals.

Themes addressed include: meeting local and national priorities (health and wellbeing); identifying and commissioning services; referral pathways, assessment and formulation for common mental health issues; relationship - self-awareness – creativity - change; change leadership; systemic thinking in its clinical and non-clinical dimensions; common mental health issues; adverse childhood experiences; building relationships and resilience; self-awareness for children, young people and adults; theories of child development; and conflict management.

The programme is delivered to senior leaders across a cluster of schools, promoting collaborative working and learning across the community of schools.

What are the benefits?

By completing this programme and integrating it into your working practice you will become a Mental Health Champion within your school - supporting and championing mental health and emotional well-being.

Using knowledge gained, you will be equipped to support the development of expertise in the areas of mental health and emotional wellbeing and in early childhood development within the teacher profession and be equipped to ensure strong progression in health and wellbeing within the curriculum and life of your school community.

Who is it for?

School leadership team members.


Four full days spread across two academic terms, comprising of morning workshops and afternoon group consultation sessions to explore themes relevant to the development of your school's mental health strategy.

Each school is also entitled to:

  • two school-based 60 minute consultation sessions
  • a dedicated online network which will give you access to documents relevant to specific programme areas
For more information

Email: scotland@place2be.org.uk

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