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Numeracy Champions Collaborative in Clackmannanshire

Evidence-based research has identified that the Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (CPA) approach to pedagogy and practice develops a deep and sustainable understanding of numeracy and mathematics.

This programme ensures the highest quality of learning is focused on approaches that can be applied 'in action' in the classroom, to deepen curricular, pedagogical knowledge and design, to lead and extend learning.

What are the benefits?

The programme:

  • aligns with the core work streams of the RIC and SAC, and is designed to add value to and enhance plans in place within Clackmannanshire - making connections in strategy, curriculum design and in teaching, learning and assessment is key
  • provides access to more face-to-face professional learning opportunities and create a Numeracy Champions Network to promote collaborative approaches to improvement
  • provides a supported platform for Champions to identify an intervention group using a variety of available assessment data, create a rationale, and use high quality teaching approaches and track impact.
Who is it for?

All classroom-based practitioners, from nursery, primary, secondary and ASN provisions.


44 hours of additional professional learning in an academic year.

For more information

For more information about this programme, contact Nick Traquair, ntraquair@clacks.gov.uk, or on 01259 452418.