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Osiris Teaching Intervention

The Osiris Teaching Intervention (OTI) exists to create an effective professional learning programme for teachers in order to accelerate their knowledge and understanding of pedagogy and then apply it in their classroom practice, so improving outcomes for all children.

Through a series of learning cycles, grounded in their day-to-day practice, they secure development of pedagogical knowledge and understanding. This directly impacts on learners in terms of outcomes, longevity and efficiency in the classroom and their willingness to engage with career long professional learning.

What are the benefits?

The Osiris Teaching Intervention (OTI) works uniquely teacher by teacher through a series of learning cycles, grounded in their day-to-day practice, to secure development of pedagogical knowledge and understanding. OTI is designed to focus on learning and growth of teachers from their own starting point and the context of their own school, regardless of the age of the class. 

The structure and content of OTI aims to:

a) develop the knowledge, attitudes, skills and habits (KASH) of teachers in the classroom

b) provide structured opportunities for teachers to learn collaboratively through dialogue, enquiry and reflection.

The design of the OTI provides iterative structured opportunities for teachers to engage with key aspects of pedagogy, plan the implementation of the change in their classrooms, and then test out and reflect on the impact of the changes.  This cycle of 'plan, test through enquiry, and reflect' for teachers over the course of two terms is key to ensure that teacher learning about new approaches becomes embedded in their day-to-day practice. There is a three-module structure - engaging learners, feedback, challenge. Each module follows the same structure. Teachers will work through an iterative cycle of plan, test, and reflect in each module.

Who is it for?

The programme is aimed at all teachers at any stage of their career.


The duration of OTI from start to finish is around two terms. There is a half-day scoping visit followed by three module days, three video sessions and three coaching sessions.

For more information

There are no fixed start dates.

For costing and further discussion about the programme, contact: sphilp@osiriseducational.co.uk.

Or go to Osiris Educational.