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The programme is designed for aspiring and middle leaders to develop key relationship leadership competencies which, when put into practice, will enhance their ability to develop positive relationships, lead a team and crucially have a direct impact on the young people for whom they are responsible. Essentially this programme is about personal transformation whereby one's impact as a leader of others will be enhanced through more effective engagement with all stakeholders. This programme is also deeply impactful when undertaken by a leadership team.


What are the benefits?

The programme benefits the individual, their teams, their school and ultimately the young people for whom they are responsible.

  • Personal development will be accelerated through greater self awareness
  • Teaching and delivery styles will become more effective to suit the personal and learning styles of others through enhanced engagement
  • Engagement with multicultural and diverse groups will be enriched
  • Positive engagement of both internal and external stakeholders will add value
  • Team dynamics will be enhanced therefore making the team more effective in achieving goals
  • Managing change will be more effective
Who is it for?

All teaching staff and particularly suitable for aspiring and middle leaders. A whole team approach is proven to be most successful.


This programme is normally conducted over the academic year. However, it can be commenced at any convenient point and take place over the next three consecutive school terms. It consists, in total, of 6 days of workshops, followed by practice activity in the workplace through supported blended learning.  The aim is to learn in the workshop, apply learning in the workplace and be supported throughout. This programme can be tailored to suit the specific needs of any school cluster, single school or team.

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