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School Leader Facilitator

Everybody ‘facilitates’ these days, but if you add School Leader Facilitator to your current skills, you’ll be amazed at how you stand out from the crowd.

A leader needs to be able to design meetings, workshops and professional learning events for maximum impact. There’ s a range of skills and techniques that leaders who are effective facilitators utilise before, during and after an event to ensure their approach is engaging, collaborative and empowering. This programme provides the pathway for experienced teachers to refine this and to set the bar for high quality facilitating in education.

With a hands-on approach, this programme explores the concept, the processes and the skills for design and facilitation of andragogy with a range of activities to demonstrate how the principles can be used when leading professionally any situation with adults. The techniques, tools and facilitation methods used during the three days can be integrated immediately into your own practice. You’ll also leave with your own Hay Group Learning Preference Inventory, an andragogy design template and the competence and confidence to design your own sessions, workshops or programmes.

After all, the job of the teacher is pedagogy and the job of the school leader is andragogy.

What are the benefits?

This programme cuts to the chase. Providing clarity and precision, this training will allow you to confidently demonstrate your credibility and expertise as a facilitator. You’ll stand out from the rest in an over-crowded and under-regulated market place because you’ll be operating like a brain surgeon with a scalpel while everyone else is using a meat cleaver.

Who is it for?

This programme is for leaders in schools with knowledge and practical experience of pedagogy.

It is suitable for any teacher who leads and is interested in becoming a facilitative leader of andragogy to acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding to design and facilitate highly effective professional development for teachers.


This is a three-day programme and can be offered as residential or a combination of three single days.

It is available from July 2019.

For more information

For more information contact Joyce Matthews.

Email: joycematthewsportfolio@gmail.com

Telephone: 07920 453690