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STEM Family Learning Programme

The STEM Family Learning Programme enables practitioners to gain vital knowledge about delivering STEM activities; learning how to plan and implement a family learning programme in their school. The sessions provide staff with the knowledge, confidence and skills to deliver effective STEM learning in their setting.

What are the benefits?

The learning outcomes for the programme are driven from the STEM Strategy for Scotland.

This is reflected in the programmes content and delivery.

  • Practitioners will see the value in STEM education and be able to promote STEM pathways and lifelong learning.
  • Practitioners learn to be critical and analyse research to collect and organise ideas.
  • Practitioners can make use of digital technologies to support sustainability and consider their impact of their programme.
  • Practitioners will understand “STEM Capital” and be able to recognise strategies to raise this in our children and young people.
  • The programme will build capacity to deliver excellent STEM Education in your setting.
  • The programme will raise practitioner confidence in planning and delivering STEM Education.
  • The programme will create networks of positive STEM role models and mentors to inspire children and young people in a Primary and Secondary setting.
  • The programme will foster positive relationships between practitioners and encourage collaborative working.
  • The programme recognises and celebrates the STEM successes of learners who are developing their STEM Capability.

Staff will be part of a STEM network where they are supported externally through a Google Classroom forum. This will extend conversations beyond sessions and build positive relationships to aid ongoing development of STEM in the cluster. The network will support professional learning in between sessions and ultimately impact the change in practice across the participating primary schools. By adopting a ‘train the trainer’ model, participants will share their knowledge with other staff in their schools at a suitable point in the school calendar. By reaching a larger audience, we are improving outcomes for learners and facilitating an earlier STEM exposure that this will directly impact on attainment, STEM capital and interest in STEM moving into secondary and beyond.

Who is it for?

The programme is for local authority staff, middle leaders and teachers.


The next block is beginning in January 2020 and runs for five weeks.

The CPD will be held at Larbert High School and will cover topics such as:

  1. Parental Engagement and Involvement
  2. Project-based learning and skills development
  3. Digital Learning in STEM
  4. STEM on a budget in your setting
  5. Assessing Impact and Evaluation Methods
For more information

For more information, contact Rebecca Elliot via email rebecca.elliott@falkirk.gov.uk or phone 01324 554233.