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Teacher Leadership

 The course considers the key aspects of collaborative enquiry and encourages reflection on what teacher leadership looks like on a daily basis. The course is designed to introduce staff to the many aspects of leadership through leading a collaborative enquiry. By basing it around the collaborative enquiry, Fife Council aim to develop staff awareness of the process and further develop the skills required for the enquiring practitioner approach that is highlighted within ‘Teaching Scotland’s Future.’

The course includes activities around the use of data and the planning around the information gathering stage of the enquiry as well as support around the problem formulation stage of the collaborative enquiry.

What are the benefits?

The course includes a combination of activities and learning around key leadership qualities such as vision, values and aims and also the requirements for leading a successful collaborative enquiry as well as the opportunity to develop practical skills which will support participants in leadership roles in the future. It aims to develop and maintain an enquiring stance by teachers whilst beginning to introduce the theory of leadership.

Who is it for?

Our Teacher Leadership Programme is intended for teachers across all sectors in Fife’s schools. It is recommended for teachers with around 3 years of experience or more and it is designed to support them in developing their understanding of aspects of teacher leadership through facilitating a collaborative enquiry.


An 86 hour course (approx.) with 30 hours taught over a school session.

For more information

Contact: Alison Dakers

E-mail: alison.dakers@fife.gov.uk, Professional Learning Development Officer