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We:Align – a group coaching programme

We:Align is a group learning programme for women that has depth, colour, emotion and transformation. Research indicates that less and less we distinguish between life and work, life is work. This is particularly true in education where moral purpose is a key driver for educators. You want to contribute to a wider purpose or mission. You also want to grow and develop as people within those roles. As educators, your strength and your wellbeing come from really knowing yourself and being authentically present. After all, you teach (and lead) who you are.

We:Align provides time and space for you to step back from transactional roles and experiences in life and work. It creates the space to enquire, collaborate and take action towards the life and work you want, making your purpose more prominent. With this clarity it is possible to design and take the actions required to create improvement in a way that doesn’t mean doing more and working harder. Alignment brings ease, satisfaction and supports your wellbeing.

We:Align is about doing the inner work required to become aware of, unlearn and relearn habits and patterns of being and interacting. It does not stop there, it is also about the power of the collective. We:Align nurtures connection to reduce isolation and create a connected community. 

What are the benefits?

By the time you finish this programme you will have a stronger sense of your identity, clarity about your values and the contribution you make within your family, community and workplace. You will have the confidence to listen to and act on your inner wisdom. You will communicate with strength and embrace action.

Who is it for?

We:Align is for women who want to create change. There are lots of reason women join We:Align but the common theme is about creating change for yourself and growing your impact in life and work. We:Align is not just for women in education. 


There are six sessions over three months. Please contact me to discuss alternative delivery models.

For more information

Further information is available here – www.sarahphilpcoaching.com/wealign

Or contact Sarah directly – sarah@sarahphilpcoaching.com