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Research and enquiry

In Scotland, we want our schools, and our education system to be research rich. Practitioner engagement in and with research and enquiry contributes to successful school and system development.

Education Scotland encourages educators to use and take part in research as part of their professional learning, building a strong evidence base to inform policy and share research findings with the wider community in Scotland.

Practitioner and Professional Enquiry

Enquiry is self-directed investigation in which the educator is actively engaged in the process of exploring an aspect of their practice in order to better understand and improve how it impacts on the learning of the child, young person or adult learner.

Enquiry based learning uses real life scenarios to investigate topics of relevance that foster the skills of experimental design, data collection, critical analysis and problem solving.    

Education Scotland leadership programmes and the national model of professional learning are underpinned by approaches to enquiry.

EBSCO – Online access to educational journals

The GTCS provides free access to a range of online education and leadership journals via EBSCO for all registered teachers in Scotland.

The EBSCO Education Source package and the Leadership & Management Learning Centre provides access to a collection of over 1,800 education journals, a selection of eBooks, and additional resources all of which can be accessed using your GTCS account.

We’ve already identified a number of resources from the EBSCO Education Source within the learning activities and access to the full range of publications and resources will help you to shape your own professional learning and development.

Enquiry Fellows

The Fellowship programme no longer operates, however the legacy and enquiry undertaken by Fellows continues to be recognised.

View research from the Fellowship Programme