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Change Leadership

The Change Leadership Programme is designed to support colleagues in developing their understanding of aspects and models of leading a strategic change initiative (SCI).

The course is built around one core text, Leading in a Culture of Change by Michael Fullan, and also includes additional reading of professional literature and current educational policy to inform your rationale for leading an aspect of change.

What are the benefits?

The course includes a combination of activities and learning around key pedagogical and strategic leadership qualities such as: exposure to a range of change leadership (including improvement methodology models currently in use within Fife and reflected in the council's recently amended School Improvement Guidance) and also the requirements for leading a SCI as well as the opportunity to develop practical enquiry skills which will support participants in leadership roles in the future.

The course includes activities around the use of data and the planning around the information gathering stage of the SCI as well as support around the consultation with stakeholders stage of the SCI. By delivering sessions within the course which contain both the theory of both pedagogical and strategic leadership and the practical elements of leading a SCI we aim to make the links between theory and practice more explicit to participants.

Extracts from key texts will support participants as they undertake the course and these are supplemented by online articles linking current policy, research and practice. The course is designed to introduce participants to the various models of change through leading an SCI.

This programme has recently achieved GTCS Professional Recognition.

Who is it for?

The Change Leadership Programme is intended for middle leaders in all sectors - PTs/PTCs, Deputes and dependent on experience, role and remit some class teachers will be considered. It is designed to support colleagues in developing their understanding of aspects and models of leading a strategic change initiative.


The taught sessions span 12 months, starting in August each academic session with the final submission being completed by November of the following year. This is to allow colleagues to reflect and evaluate the impact of your change leadership over a full school session. 

For more information

Contact: Lesley Henderson

E-mail: lesley.henderson-edu@fife.gov.uk, Professional Learning & Leadership Development Officer