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Engaging Families in Children's Learning

This programme focuses on developing an understanding of the why and how of family engagement in children's learning, reviewing the legislation and policy around parental involvement, exploring the findings of relevant research, and gaining an understanding of robust practice.

Specifically addressing the requirements of the National Improvement Framework and How Good is our School (4), this programme will equip delegates to develop their own practice and influence the development of positive family engagement strategies within the context of their own school community.

The programme is being offered as both twilight and Saturday morning sessions, in open courses and in-house for local authorities and other interested organisations.

What are the benefits?

The programme is delivered in two half-day or twilight sessions. It contextualises the raft of policy and research around family engagement and supports delegates to plan and implement robust practice appropriate to their own school community. Delivered by an organisation which works both with families and with professionals, the highly interactive, practical and engaging sessions encourage reflection and planning, always with the emphasis on improving outcomes for young people.

Combining individual study with group activities and self-directed learning, the programme is designed to be challenging and rewarding, building each professional's understanding and skills in this critical area of development. The programme encourages delegates to take forward their own action research as they hone their skills and explore the strategies that work best in their own circumstances.

In addition, delegates are offered an on-line follow-up meeting to check in with colleagues, review their progress and plan next steps.

Who is it for?

This programme is suitable for any teaching professional within the school system and is particularly appropriate for those who have a specific brief around supporting family engagement.


2 x 4 hour modules combined with self-directed study.

For more information

For further information please email training@connect.scot