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This programme is designed for senior school leaders, head teachers and depute head teachers and cluster or regional leaders to develop key strategic and relationship leadership competencies which, with practice, will enhance their ability to effectively lead individuals, teams and stakeholders to consistently succeed in a challenging environment. 

Whether in education or business senior leaders are frequently challenged to spare the time for a residential programme. However, such an intensive investment in self or team development proves to be significantly more impactful than a staged approach due to the focus on the subject matter, the opportunity for reflecting on learning without distraction, the real opportunity to share learning experiences with each other and the opportunity to form and deepen professional relationships. The residential programme includes twelve month post course support to facilitate maximum opportunity for practice and sustained change in behaviours.

What are the benefits?

The key benefits of the programme are:-

  • Personal and leadership development will be accelerated through greater self awareness
  • Leadership effectiveness will be enhanced benefiting individuals, teams and key stakeholders
  • The teams for which you are responsible will be more effective
  • Your school strategic plan will be enhanced to secure transformational and sustainable change
  • Your school strategic plan is more likely to be successfully implemented through inspirational leadership in the management of change
Who is it for?

Senior leaders; aspiring deputes, head teachers and existing deputes and head teachers or school cluster and regional leaders.


The duration of the programme is six day intensive off-site residential for either a senior leadership team or for individuals who will have the opportunity to enhance their learning experience through sharing the experience with a peer group. Details on application.

The residential is followed by a twelve month support programme through blended learning activity. The aim is to learn in the workshop, apply learning in the workplace and be supported throughout. This programme can also be tailored to suit specific school and team needs.

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