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Middle Leaders - Leading Change

This is an Education Scotland leadership programme.

Middle Leaders - Leading Change is a prototype professional learning programme designed to develop confidence in the use of coaching within middle leadership, encourage reflection upon the key aspects of the role and further develop the use of an enquiring stance when planning and leading change.

Covid-19 update

In line with the advice and guidance from the Scottish and UK Governments, we have paused all professional learning and leadership activity, including this programme. We have prepared a set of FAQs which we hope will answer some of the questions you may have at this time. We will update these with additional information as we have it.

Read our FAQs for information on changes to our programmes as a result of Covid-19.

Programme structure

This prototype programme will provide time and space for middle leaders to engage in self-evaluation and reflection and consider their own areas of strength and development. This will take place over three engagement days. Participants will develop their knowledge of the roles of middle leadership and also around the leadership of change. Participants will gain confidence in the use of different models to lead change and will have an enhanced awareness and knowledge of coaching approaches. 

Day 1 focuses on:

- increased knowledge of the roles of middle leaders and identified strengths and areas for development.

Leadership of change 
- started to consider own area of change and how this links to own strengths and areas for development.

Coaching as a model of practice
- further developed knowledge of coaching and practised listening and questioning with a partner
- identified a co-coach to work with over the coming year.

Day 2 – focuses on:

- reflection on previous self-evaluation and how this has influenced the leadership of change in context
- reflected on how own self-awareness is impacting on current practice.

Leadership of change
- engaged in learning around different change models. Identified learning from change models and considered how this can be used in own context
- used learning strategies to support stakeholder engagement in the change process which participants can ‘choose and use’
- developed knowledge of research around leading educational change.

Coaching as a model of practice
- further developed knowledge of coaching and practised listening and questioning with a partner.

Day 3 – focuses on:

- Engaged in self-evaluation and reflected on previous self-evaluation to determine impact on thoughts and practice.

Leadership of change
- reflected upon leadership of change and compared the approaches with peers to develop further understanding and sharing of practice
- sharing of learning from the programme.

Coaching as a model of practice
- reflection around using coaching as a model of practice and how this has impacted on participants
- identify next steps in coaching.

What are the benefits?

The programme is a developmental programme which supports participants to enhance their confidence and skills in self-awareness, leadership of change and coaching as a model of practice through engaging in facilitated learning activities and inter-sessional tasks.

Who is it for?

The programme is for current middle leaders and those who have a whole school responsibility or area of focus (but may not currently hold a formal leadership position).

Duration and key dates

This programme starts in September/October (depending on the location) with participants expected to attend all three engagement days. Learning takes place over an eight-month period.

For more information, and to register, visit our events pages.

How is the programme delivered?

The programme is delivered through three one-day engagement days over the course of one academic year. These are held in various locations throughout the year - there are sessions in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness.

Funding and costs

As the Professional Learning and Leadership Team is currently funded to develop a suite of programmes, participation in the programme is free of charge, however there is no funding for cover. A small fund for travel expenses is available only for participants from Eilean Siar, Shetland and Orkney, in order to attend the three engagement days.

Applying for the programme and further information

This programme is offered throughout the year and you can apply online via our events pages.

For further information about this programme, or for an informal discussion with a Lead Specialist, contact us at edspll@educationscotland.gov.scot